What we do

Power up your company, spread your brand and improve your revenues by investing in efficient marketing strategies, digital media, graphic design and web/mobile solutions.

About us

MUGATU started in 2010 when Juan Fernandez and Christian Trapp decide to merge their powers and honor the creator of the piano tie. With previous experience in the area of design and software, both founders began offering services of web development and design. The years passed by and MUGATU modified its path slightly in order to provide a comprehensive solution in communication and processes, where Digital and Traditional Marketing, Branding, Design and Development of Web/Mobile Solutions became part of our arsenal to make companies succeed.

The company understands brands, institutions or groups (commercial or public) as a whole that must have coherence, uniqueness and personality. We combine experience and technical quality in all the areas that comprehend communication and development of our clients: from the aesthetic and subjective base, to the purely functional and effective.

MUGATU is a proximity agency, approachable, that cultivates kindness and warmth in its relationships, avoiding unnecessary bureaucracies. Welcome!